Pursuing Justice for All with the Justice Fund

Please help spread the truth!! Mr. Loudermill was FALSELY IDENTIFIED as being the mass shooter at the KC Chief's victory parade.

To make matters worse, 2 Missouri Senators and 1 US Congressman spread outlandish lies, giving it even higher visibility. The lies consisted of him being the shooter, being arrested, being illegal, and being a terrorist named Sahil Omar.

These are ALL LIES. Mr. Loudermill is just your normal, hard-working man; a father of three (3) daughters; and a proud Chief's fan. We are asking for your help to clear his name, and potentially save his life, as he has received death threats due to the posts.

Support of the justice fund will help pay the advocacy and social media team, whom are working tirelessly to track down and counter the lies and misinformation.

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